Every ZenWTR Bottle Prevents up to 5 Bottles from Polluting the Ocean

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Our Flagship Bottle

We make our flagship bottles from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic. We rescue this plastic from at risk coastal environments, preventing it from reaching and polluting the ocean. By simply choosing ZenWTR, you’re helping save our oceans.

Our Aluminum Bottle

The ZenWTR you love is also available in new infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles. True to our mission, for every bottle we make we support programs that rescue and recycle 5 ocean-bound bottles, preventing them from reaching and polluting the ocean.

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It Takes a (Global) Village

By using 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic, we’re not only cleaning up coastlines, but we’re also supporting the creation of recycling programs where they don’t exist and supporting communities with new jobs and reliable incomes. That’s no easy task…that’s why we’re fortunate to have amazing partners helping us. You know what they say, alone we’re a drop but together we’re an ocean.

The First Bottled Water to be Plastic Negative

It’s good to be negative these days. Plastic negative means we take twice as much plastic out of the world as we put in. You have to be certified to say that, so it’s a pretty big deal. Just one more reason to enjoy the pure refreshing taste of ZenWTR.