Vapor distilled, ultra-purified and ionized to reach a pH of 9.5, ZenWTR is the perfect choice for crisp, pure water, delivered in a 100% recyclable package (including the label and cap.)

Vapor Distilled

Alkaline 9.5pH

Electrolytes for superior hydration

Available in 16.9oz, 23.7oz, and 1L

Ensuring Water Purity

ZenWTR is one of very few bottled waters using Vapor Distillation, widely considered the benchmark standard for removing impurities from water.


ZenWTR is triple-filtered and UV treated before undergoing Vapor Distillation, the gold standard in water purification… and we don’t stop there. Click below to learn more about our multi-step purification & ionization process.

Reusing what

we have

There’s plenty of plastic out there to recycle. In fact, every bottle of ZenWTR is made from up to 5 plastic bottles rescued from coastal environments.