We're An Alkaline
In A Bottle That
You Can Feel Good About!

Our unique bottle is made from 100% recycled, certified ocean-bound plastic that was rescued from at-risk coastal environments, preventing future pollution in the world’s oceans.

Rescue and Restore:

Our bottles are made from Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic which is plastic that was rescued from at-risk coastlines and waterways in countries that don’t have formal recycling programs. Our amazing partners are building new recycling programs all over the world that incentivize communities to rescue plastic before it reaches the ocean. By creating a demand for Ocean-Bound Plastic, we’re helping to provide reliable income and finance programs that benefit everyone from our bottle collectors to recycling processors.

Renew & Reduce:
Treating Plastic as a
Renewable Resource

There’s more than enough plastic in the world already. By using recycled plastic to produce our bottles (each of our bottles reuses up to 5 ocean-bound bottles and) instead of new “virgin” plastic, we’re able to reduce the amount of energy used by 84% and greenhouse gases created by 71%, per pound of plastic. Sure, virgin plastic is cheaper, but we choose to put progress over profits. Also, ZenWTR bottles, caps and labels are 100% recyclable, so our plastic is able to be reused to make new products.

REINVEST: protecting our
oceans, promoting
recycling and supporting
eco-friendly legislation

While our bottles use 100% recycled Ocean-Bound plastic and are 100% recyclable, we know there’s still work to be done to improve recycling rates and clean up our oceans. To extend our efforts, we created 1% for the Oceans, our give-back program that donates 1% of all ZenWTR sales to credible organizations committed to ocean conservation, recycling education, advocacy and legislation.