ZenWTR empowers what we all have in us. The desire to achieve, to be great, to be limitless, to have our internal frequency be in perfect harmony.

ZenWTR transforms you with every quenching sip as you embrace your journey to find those perfect moments that are all you. Find Yours.


Ultra-Pure, Refreshing Alkaline Water

We use the gold standard in water purification.

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pH Perfect

After vapor distillation, our water is ionized through electrolysis removing bitter tasting acid components while reaching an alkaline 9.5 pH. If you paid any attention in science class you’ll know that means it’s farther from acidic on the pH scale (and who wants to drink acidic water?).

Crisp, Refreshing Hydration

After vapor distillation and ionization, our proprietary blend of minerals and electrolytes including calcium, potassium and magnesium is added to our water, giving it our signature crisp and refreshing taste.

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