ZenWTR in WELL + GOOD: What You Need To Know About Ocean-Bound Plastic, and the Eco-Friendly Brand on a Mission to Make Good Use of It

 WELL + GOOD covers ZenWTR's mission to use ocean-bound plastic responsibly.

ZenWTR in Well + Good wellandgood.com: Ocean Bound Plastic

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That ethos is what led Collins to found ZenWTR alkaline water, the only beverage brand in the world with bottles made from 100 percent recycled, certified ocean-bound plastic. Not up to speed on plastic lingo? Ocean-bound plastic is plastic that is collected close to the ocean in areas that lack a formal recycling infrastructure, Collins says. TL;DR: It's plastic at risk of ending up in the ocean, like, stat.

How does that relate to small changes you—an Earth-conscious reader—can make? Well, bottled water isn't going anywhere—it was the top beverage category by volume in the U.S. in 2019, according to Beverage Industry. And because ZenWTR bottles are made out of up to five ocean-bound plastic bottles, simply opting for a different version of your body's favorite beverage means you’re helping make a positive change for the planet. How's that for a sustainable (squared) change?

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