ZenWTR in Eat This, Not That! Ellie Goulding and 13 Other Celebs Just Funded This New Bottled Water

ZenWTR in Eat This, Not That!

ZenWTR Eat This, Not That! Celebrity Investment Article

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Here is a summary of the article "ZenWTR's mission is to reduce future ocean pollution" from EatThis.com:

ZenWTR is a new bottled water company using recycled, ocean-bound plastic for its bottles. Singer Ellie Goulding and several other celebrities co-founded the company. ZenWTR's mission is to reduce future ocean pollution by recovering plastic from at-risk coastal environments and preventing it from reaching the ocean.

ZenWTR is also alkaline water, meaning it has a higher pH level than regular water. Alkaline water is said to have several health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting immunity, and reducing inflammation.

Overall, ZenWTR is a new and innovative company making a difference in the fight against ocean pollution. By using recycled plastic for its bottles and offering alkaline water, ZenWTR is a good choice for consumers looking for a healthy and sustainable bottled water option.

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