Anne Hathaway on her investment in ZenWTR

Anne Hathaway on her investment in ZenWTR


Anne Hathaway, celebrated for her compelling performances in films like "The Princess Diaries" and "Les Misérables," has recently extended her influence beyond the screen by investing in ZenWTR, a brand renowned for its ultra-purified water. This investment underscores Hathaway's commitment to supporting environmentally responsible and health-focused brands.

ZenWTR is distinguished by its emphasis on sustainability, particularly its use of 100% recycled ocean plastic for packaging. The brand’s commitment to delivering a health-conscious product while addressing environmental concerns aligns seamlessly with Hathaway’s advocacy for social and environmental causes.

This collaboration represents more than just a business venture for Hathaway; it continues her efforts to drive positive change. Her investment in ZenWTR sends a powerful message about the importance of choosing sustainable products and reflects a growing trend among celebrities to leverage their influence for societal good.

In summary, Hathaway's association with ZenWTR goes beyond a mere endorsement. It reflects a conscious choice to align her brand with initiatives promoting health and sustainability. Through this partnership, Hathaway effectively bridges the gap between entertainment and social responsibility, showing that celebrities can play a significant role in raising awareness and fostering positive change in society.

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