Alkaline Water 101

ZenWTR is considered an Alkaline Water with a pH of 9.5. To understand what that means and why it’s important, let’s go back to biology class with a refresher on the pH scale.

image of the ph scale

Some Helpful Facts:

  • pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of various substances, including our body’s fluids and tissues
  • The acidity or alkalinity of different solutions, including our blood, is indicated on the pH scale ranging from 0 (totally acidic) to 14 (totally base or “alkaline”)
  • Our bodies are healthiest when we’re at a pH of approximately 7.4 pH
  • An increase in acid, believed to be caused by a diet high in acidic foods and beverages lower in pH, may overwhelm the body’s acid-base control systems, causing the blood to tend toward acidity
  • Consuming alkaline foods and beverages that are higher on the pH scale may help regulate and pull your body out of an acidic state, helping to avoid several health issues
  • Early evidence indicates that a diet high in alkaline foods/ low in acid-producing foods could help to:
    • prevent kidney stones
    • keep bones and muscles strong
    • improve heart health and brain function
    • boost the immune system
    • reduce lower back pain
    • lower risk for type 2 diabetes
    • aid in digestion

If you have any questions or are seeking more information on our alkaline water, feel free to contact us directly!