100% recycled ocean-bound plastic: ZenWTR hits Whole Foods nationwide

100% recycled ocean-bound plastic: ZenWTR hits Whole Foods nationwide

ZenWTR – a high pH, distilled bottled water packaged in recycled ocean-bound plastic – has rolled out nationwide at Whole Foods stores after picking up regional distribution at chains from Walmart to Safeway over the past few months.

In a bid to combine sustainability with consumer goods, ZenWTR has recently expanded its distribution, making its eco-conscious product accessible to customers nationwide at Whole Foods stores. ZenWTR is not your ordinary bottled water; it stands out in the market with its commitment to both health and the environment. The brainchild of Lance Collins, known for his knack in creating successful consumer packaged goods (CPG), ZenWTR is making waves in the industry.

ZenWTR is marketed as a high pH, distilled water, which suggests its potential health benefits. The high pH level is known to promote a balanced and alkaline body environment, which is believed by some to contribute to overall well-being.

What sets ZenWTR apart even more is its packaging. The brand has taken a significant step towards addressing the mounting problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. Each bottle of ZenWTR is crafted from 100% recycled ocean plastic, effectively giving a second life to waste that would otherwise be detrimental to marine ecosystems.

This nationwide roll-out follows successful regional distributions at major chains such as Walmart and Safeway. The choice of Whole Foods for a nationwide launch aligns perfectly with the brand's eco-friendly and health-conscious image. Whole Foods, known for its emphasis on organic and sustainable products, provides an ideal platform for ZenWTR to reach a demographic that is likely to appreciate and support its environmental initiatives.

Lance Collins, with his history of striking gold in the CPG sector, is optimistic about the potential impact and success of ZenWTR. Through this initiative, Collins aims to not just offer a product but also make a statement about the importance of sustainability and mindful consumption.

In essence, ZenWTR is more than just a bottled water brand; it represents a conscientious choice for consumers. It offers hydration while also contributing to the preservation of our planet by actively participating in the circular economy of plastics. By choosing ZenWTR, consumers are essentially partaking in a movement towards more sustainable living and making a positive impact on our oceans and the environment at large.

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