1% For the Oceans

1% For the Ocean program

At ZenWTR, we’re committed to our mission to help to help restore our oceans.

The work we’re doing doesn’t end with our bottle, which is made from 100% certified ocean-bound plastic, rescuing littered plastic from coastal environments before it reaches the ocean, and is also 100% Recyclable, helping to prevent future plastic pollution.

In addition to our sustainable production practices, we’re dedicating 1% For the Ocean.

That means 1% of ZenWTR sales is directed to credible organizations fighting to save our oceans and advance domestic recycling.
From groups focusing on ocean & marine environment conservation and clean-up efforts to those working in education, advocacy & striving for policy change, we are proud to support those working towards our common goal.

We are on track to rescue 50 million pounds of ocean-bound plastic by 2025 and look forward to the additional impact we can make through our 1% For the Ocean program.

Check back in with us to learn more about this as we grow. Our company just launched in 2020 and we look forward to sharing information on where our charitable contributions are directed this year and in years to come!