What is Ocean-Bound Plastic?

Ocean-Bound Plastic, sometimes referred to as “Prevented Ocean Plastic”, is defined as plastic found near ocean coastlines or major waterways that feeds into the ocean, in a country or region which lacks infrastructure or waste management.

We believe the most effective way to tackle marine plastic is to prevent it from reaching the ocean in the first place. By sourcing plastic bottles for recycling that are Ocean-Bound, we are preventing them from making it to the ocean where the likelihood of recovering them is very slim.

While we would also like to use plastic retrieved from the ocean for our bottles, unfortunately, exposure to the sun and salt degrades plastic making it ineligible to be recycled anew into food-grade plastic. Ocean-recovered plastic is, however, able to be recycled into a variety of useful reborn materials like fibers for clothing, shoes & accessories, various home goods and furnishings and even skateboards among other things. Check out some of the amazing brands we love here!